It became known which of the players will remain in "Prometey" for the next season


Volodymyr Dubinsky, the president of SC "Prometey", announced the names of athletes who will continue to defend the colors of the club in the 2023/24 season.

"The titanic work of the team and the individual development of each of the volleyball players obviously attracted the attention of powerful foreign clubs, which offered the players some attractive contracts. However, they flatly refused to quit "Prometey" and leave their country in such a difficult time!" - Volodymyr Mykhailovych has written on his Facebook page. 

So, new contracts with the team were signed by: Svitlana Dorsman, Yevheniia Khober, Anastasiia Maievska, Viktoriia Danchak, Daria Sharhorodska and Kristina Niemtseva. Especially, we would like to mention Diana Meliushkina, who returned from maternity leave and has already started training.

Thank you ladies for your dedication!